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Every week you are out of work, is costing you money. The answer to get interviews, and then a job, may not be applying for more jobs, but instead, having a much better resume. Your resume should showcase “What I Can Do For You” with numeric results. At the 3 Second Resume service, you set the budget, pick a Resume writer, and then get your resume.
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How It Works
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# How It Works

How does the 3 Second Resume service work?

First, select a budget range, then look at the Writers and packages available, or use the Search Tool and choose your budget, search by name, or by keyword.  

There are prices, descriptions, comments and ratings for each Writer's package.

Pick a Writer and package, then you'll go to the next step of seeing samples, comments, and details about the Writer and the product, and the Writer's payment terms.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Writer with a message (after you register), or use the Online Chat service for help.

When you are ready to hire a Writer, we will process your order's service fee,  and you'll then deal directly with the Resume Writer.

We guarantee you will get good service, and a great resume.

Step by Step: from your first visit to the 3 Second Resume Service website, up to interviews & a new job!

1. Set a Budget
2. Pick a Writer
3. Get your resume
4. Get the interview!

1. Set a Budget

    There are lots of Professional Resume Writers on the 3 Second Resume Service. One way to decide who to work with, is to set a budget, then review the Writers and their packages, within that budget. Writers are displayed randomly within that range. You can read the comments from pastJobseekers who have used the Writer, as well as carefully go through what you will be getting when using the Writer.    

2. Pick a Writer

    When you pick a Writer, and have paid the service fee, you can then contact the Writer directly to go over the next steps. Don't worry, if you feel you chose the wrong person, and the Writer hasn't yet started working on your resume, we will transfer your service fee to a different Writer. Note: Service fees are final sale and not refundable.    

3. Get your resume

    As you work with your Resume Writer, keep in mind that the finished product should showcase "What I Can Do For You" and not just be a list of "everything I have ever done". Your new resume should make it easy for someone to figure you out, in just 3 Seconds!

4. Get the interview!

    Now that you have a new resume, pick job opportunities that make sense for you, research the opportunity, fine tune your new resume for that opportunity, and have the confidence to follow up by telephone after submitting yourself for the position (start off by asking to confirm that your resume was received)


    Payments are in 2 parts. All fees and payments are in U.S. $

(1) Deposit: A non-refundable upfront service fee of 15 % of the total package costs (plus applicable local taxes). The deposit is collected by the 3 Second Resume Service.  The minimum charge is $40.

(2) Balance: The balance of the fee payable to the Writer, 85% of the total package costs (plus applicable local taxes). The balance is collected by the Writer, on the Writer's payment terms. 


    The 3 Second Resume Service offers limited guarantees for getting service within a reasonable amount of time, and getting a quality product. For details, please have a look at the Terms and Conditions

Guarantee included in Terms & Conditions

# Register

To get started messaging Writers and to hire a Writer please register here:


# Login

To login after you have registered:


# FAQ about the Service

How long does it take to get a resume?

    The time it takes to get your resume depends on the Writer, and how fast they collect your information, as well as their own schedules. If you are ready to apply for a job, and need rush service, tell the Writer at the start. Ask the Writer... How long will it take?  

Why are the prices different for each Resume Writer?

    Each Resume Writer sets their own prices and builds their own packages. You have the opportunity to discover what you are getting for the price, and to review comments, as well as communicate with the Writer, after you register.

Are these resumes different from others I've seen?

    The Resume Writers in our 3 Second Resume service are all experienced, and independent. Even though they work for themselves, all of us in the service are committed to results-oriented resumes, without meaningless soft language. Each resume should communicate "What I Can Do For You"  

What if I'm not happy with the resume?

    The first thing to do if you have an issue with the resume you received, is to contact both the Resume Writer and the 3 Second Resume Service team. Tell us what the issue is.
    Something you should know about your old resume and the new one. The objective of a resume is to get an interview. If you hired one of our Writers it means that you need some help in getting those interviews. So keep an open mind, tell us what's bothering you, and let us help you become a satisfied Jobseeker and friend of 3 Second Resume Service! Let's talk!   

# Contact Us

To contact the admin. team at the 3 Second Resume Service:

Chat: On any page of the 3SR website

# Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions pdf

# About Us

    We are committed to helping you find work.

    Using our technology expertise and experience in HR, the 3 Second Resume Service is the fastest and most efficient way to get a resume, that will get you an interview.

    The 3 Second Resume service development, is part of our evolution; we have 30 years of technology development experience in target marketing, b2b marketing, tourism, entertainment and more. This also complements our HR recruiting practice (since 2008) as well as our other HRtech services such as the Total Career Hub for Associations and Trade Groups, the Job Alerts with thousands of local, hidden and curated jobs, EQ profiles, Career Guides and more.  

We have intentionally made the 3 Second Resume service very, very simple. We are only doing one thing; getting you a resume that will help get you interviews. The best in the business are here to help you.      

# Customer Service

    If you have a customer service issue, and you need to contact us, use the chat box or email us. Include your tel# for callback and a good time to call.

Chat: On any page of the 3SR website

# Are you a Resume Writer?

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